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Income Statement

The Income Statement displays fund revenues and expenses within a range of specified periods for a fiscal year. Two levels of drill down are available. The first displays account balances that make up each line of the Income Statement. The second displays the transaction level detail for each account.

Select the fund from the drop down box and enter a fiscal year and beginning and ending periods to view the Income Statement. The default is the current fiscal year through the most recently “closed” month.

The Income Statement screen will offer hyperlinks to the next level of drill down (see item 1 above) and any fund restrictions (see item 2 above). After clicking on a hyperlink , the next level of detail (account level) will be displayed.

Clicking on a hyperlink to transaction level detail (see item 1 above) will bring up a new page that will prompt you for the beginning and ending periods for the data to be selected. Accept the defaults or select the desired periods from the drop down boxes to view the transaction detail.