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General Information

The University of Florida Foundation, Inc (Foundation) provides financial information for Foundation funds on-line via the Foundation Accounting System (FAS). The goal of this site is to make information more accessible to fund administrators and other users. Users of the system are able to view on-line balances, revenues/expenses and transaction level detail related to their Foundation funds.

Information obtained from FAS is considered confidential and not for public use.

Each fund administrator may access the information relating to his/her fund(s). An operator ID and password will be assigned for all fund administrators. A fund administrator who wishes to provide access to their fund information through FAS to another staff member may share their operator ID and password with that staff member. The confidentiality requirements extend to anyone that you choose to allow access to this information. Any donor information reflected in FAS is not to be extracted and used for any other purpose.

To access the information on the FAS web site, you must use a computer with a web browser and a connection to the Internet. This web browser must be either Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 5.5 or higher) or Netscape (version 6.0 or higher).

FAS Financial Information

Information on the FAS web site is available as of the prior business day and FAS contains financial information for the past five fiscal years. The Foundation operates on a fiscal year beginning July 1 and ending June 30 (the same as the University).

The purpose of each fund and its restrictions are displayed on each financial report and are provided to insure the proper use of each fund. Please review the restrictions prior to requesting expenditures from a fund.

Please be aware that information contained in this system is accounting information. As such, debit balances in accounts will be displayed as positive numbers and credit balances in accounts will be displayed as negative (leading “-“) numbers. This is the case with all screens with the exception of the Income Statement (first level), where revenues are shown as positive numbers. The following accounts will normally contain credit balances:

Description Account Number(s)
Liability Accounts 60000 through 69999
Revenue Accounts 81000 through 89999
Fund Balance 99900
Accumulated Depreciation 30110; 30120; 30210; 30310

The following information is available on FAS. You will only see information on funds for which you are authorized. Please click on the link to see the help page for that topic.

Fund Listing: Displays a listing of your funds.

Available Balance: Displays the total dollars that can currently be expended by a fund.

Balance Sheet: Displays assets, liabilities, and fund balance for a fund through a specified period. Two levels of drill down are available. The first displays account balances that make up each line of the Balance Sheet. The second displays the transaction level detail for each account.

Income Statement: Displays fund revenues and expenses within a range of specified periods for a fiscal year. Two levels of drill down are available. The first displays account balances that make up each line of the Income Statement. The second displays the transaction level detail for each account.

Year To Date Trial Balance: Displays a year to date trial balance by account for a fund through a specified period. Drill down is available on each account to show transaction detail.

Accessing Fund Financial Information

Once you have successfully completed the login process, you will be presented with a menu listing. Make your selection by clicking on the desired menu item either under the menu located on the left side of the page or by selecting the blue heading located in the main body. Note that all hyperlinks appear in blue (both text and numbers) and clicking on them retrieves additional information in the form of a new page or link to the next level of financial detail.

Signing out of FAS:

To end your session on FAS, click on the Sign out button located in the upper right section of the web page. Signing out is an important step in preventing unauthorized access to FAS.