[Foundation Accounting System]
[Foundation Accounting System]

Need Help?

If you would like to review the help documentation for FAS, please click here.
The help documentation is also available for download as a PDF file.

If you have questions regarding FAS, please contact the Florida Foundation.

  • For FAS access, login questions or fund administration questions, contact Tanya Spaulding via email at spaulding.t@ufl.edu.
  • For Technical Questions about the site, contact Chris Barnett at via email at barnettc@ufl.edu
  • For fiscal questions, contact Michelle Cummings via email at cummings.m@ufl.edu

FAS Listserve

To keep up with all of the latest developments with FAS, you should subscribe to the Foundation's listserve.


Commands can be performed by sending an email directly to the LISTSERV: LISTSERV@lists.ufl.edu

To add a member to a list send the line ADD (listname) (email) (first name) (last name) e.g.: to add albertegator@ufl.edu

ADD UFF-FAS albertegator@ufl.edu Albert Gator

This Listserve is intended to provide users with information about the Foundation Accounting System and its related schedules.  This Listserve is not a forum.  Any reply regarding information on the Listserve should be sent to a specific individual.  Reply information will be provided in the body of any message from the Listserve.

Subscription to the UFF Listserve will enable you to receive notice of the monthly closing of the financial records, changes in disbursement schedules, changes to the UFF accounting system, and various other information.

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